I created 1734 based upon teachings, customs, and inspirations passed on to me by Sean, Roy Bowers alias Robert Cochrane, and Ruth Wynn-Owen. 

1734 is a mystical system. It is a tradition in the standard sense of passing on of customs and thoughts from one generation to another, not as a synonym for a denomination of a religion. 

I never intended 1734 to be secret. I never intended the letters to be secret, or to be used as some sort of bible. Roy's letters to me are examples of teaching the mysteries by poetic inference, nothing more. Those who try to claim them as secret totally ignore Roy's own teachings regarding secrecy, and therefore invalidate themselves. 

I never intended 1734 to have a hierarchal structure. There is no such thing as First, Second, or Third Degree 1734. Those who claim to be "Third Degree 1734" are invalidating themselves. 

I repeat. The idea of three initiations in 1734 is an add-on by those who also feel that they need a "Book of Shadows" to make themselves feel really important, justified, and righteous. Initiation into 1734 consisted of a "kit bag" (copies of Roy's letters, sometimes in condensed form), an introduction to the spirits, and a boot in the rear. To quote Joanna, "Other initiations are given by the spirits-hopefully helped along by the guidance of a teacher. If the student is really working, there will (eventually) be more than three initiations marked in a person's soul." Some people realized that they needed to stick around and get some guidance from a teacher. Others ran off and figured they could do everything themselves. 

Those that claim to be the valid "heads" of 1734, and that other lineages are illegitimate on that basis, invalidate themselves. They may be heads of their own covens, and they may be inspired by 1734 philosophy, but that does not make them heads of 1734 any more than a Baptist minister being the head of his church is the head of Protestantism. 

I never intended 1734 to have an apostolic succession style lineage. Those who claim this or that group is less 1734 because they don't have such a lineage have also invalidated themselves. They may have such a lineage for their own coven. 

It is the methods of teaching, the philosophy, and the Spirits that is important, not who initiated who else. 

The "legitimate tradition" of 1734 is in the heart, not a lineage. It is the process of turning dross into gold, and acquiring wisdom that matters. 

I hope that the information on these pages will help all those seekers who are inspired by the mystical tradition of 1734. 

Joseph B Wilson 
1734 Founder