The following document is the work of Stuart Inman, one of the three Holders of the Virtue of 1734. It was composed after extensive study and research as well as conversations over e-mail and face-to-face interactions with the parties concerned. STATEMENT: "The facts as herein stated are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Any errors of fact are unintentional and will gladly be corrected once verifiable proof of the contrary claim is presented. Any errors of insight and interpretation lie with me and not with the person to whom I was speaking." Stuart Inman

It is probably wise to state, in case anybody should think otherwise, that the 1734 Tradition and the Clan of Tubal Cain are not linked in any way organizationally. They are distinct and autonomous, although they are related in terms of their lore through the work of Robert Cochrane. The current text and the letter from Ronald Hutton have been put on the 1734 website as a courtesy to the Maid and Magister of the Clan of Tubal Cain, who do not have a website of their own, and in friendship at a time when they found themselves under attack.

The aggressors, one Carol Jones and "Magister Blackthorn" had made their attacks under the guise of being an authentic branch of the Clan, while attempting to undermine the real Maid and Magister, Shani Oates and Robin the Dart. The reality of these people's claims have already been clearly stated by me in a posting on the Crooked Paths forums, the following is a lightly edited version of that posting:

"I have attempted to make the following as factual, as impartial and as balanced as possible. I apologize if I seem less than impartial in my actual writing, I will not hide the fact that I have found myself on one side of an argument, although this was not entirely of my choosing. I can only say that this is an attempt at honest reporting. The same facts have been passed on to Peter Paddon by Mike Howard. As some people who read and contribute to these forums regularly will know, I have been a participant in the discussions regarding the recent podcast by Carol Stuart Jones and "Blackthorn" in which they claimed leadership of a branch of the Clan of Tubal-Cain and then went on to make claims against Shani Oates who had previously been known as the only Maid of the Clan in Britain. (Whether or not the Finnans can claim to be a separate CTC is disputed by Ms Oates, a matter that I can not comment on as I have not seen the evidence either way).

I decided, as one does, to see what I could find out about these people as I was rather surprised I'd never heard of either of them and, after asking a few friends received an unexpected public response from "Blackthorn" which seemed to me odd in its vehemence. By this time I had approached Shani Oates and asked her for her version of the situation. I had expected it to differ from the other versions, but a difference of degree rather than of kind. The difference was, however, almost total. Briefly, they were as follows:

1. Carol Jones had never been Maid of the Clan of Tubal-Cain
2. She HAD been a member and therefore had Clan knowledge
3. Carol Jones had been made outcast from the Clan in 2005.
4. It was true that Jones had been the Gardnerian High Priestess, who had initiated Shani and Robin the Dart into the Gardnerian Craft, but she had not initiated contact with Evan John Jones and she had only met him briefly, she had never known him. EJJ's comment on her had been that she was trouble and that they should get rid of her as soon as possible.
5. Shani Oates had contacted EJJ through Mike Howard of The Cauldron magazine, not through Carol Jones.

What was obvious was that I was not looking at slightly different versions of the truth, with the actual truth getting squeezed in the middle, but somebody was quite definitely lying. Shani had offered to show me evidence of her claims if I were to visit Derbyshire, something that was not immediately possible, so I had no real evidence at that point. Consequently, I felt that at this stage I could not share this with most people, certainly not publicly. I did come to hear of some strange rumours, but at first I had no proper evidence one way or another. However I then received a letter from Mike Howard which I shall quote:

"Evan John Jones' wife has told me that she has never heard of this Carol Jones. She also tells me that the only members of the Gardnerian coven in Derbyshire who visited them in Brighton were Shani and her husband and that John eventually passed to them the 'knife and the cup'. 

Therefore the only legitimate Maid and Magister of the Clan of Tubal Cain as chosen and appointed by Evan John Jones and Robert Cochrane's widow are Shani Oates and her husband. This confirms a conversation I had with John when I visited him during the research for the books on Cochrane. I had forwarded on Shani's introductory letter to him after she read his articles in TC and he told me that she was 'the chosen one' and the person he wanted to be the maid of CTC after he died."
(Letter from Mike Howard to Stuart Inman dated 2nd July)

This is backed up by two texts published in The Cauldron. The first, in TC 107, is an interview with Evan John Jones in which he states that it was he that passed on the succession to Shani Oates and in which he gives unequivocal approval of her and the way that she had run and developed the Clan. I quote: "When I first met Shani instinct told me that she was the one who could run with Tubal Cain, something I'd not felt with others I'd considered. To date I have seen nothing to make me change my mind…"

The second is very interesting in that it could be said to be from the other side in this affair. In TC 109 (2003) there is a letter from one CJ who states that she was the Gardnerian High Priestess who initiated the current magister of the Clan of Tubal Cain into the Gardnerian Craft and that he had subsequently and reciprocally brought her into his family. While there are no names of living members of the Clan mentioned in the letter, the Magister in 2003 was Robin the Dart and he could only initiate 'CJ' if he had previously been initiated and installed as Magister by the Maid, which is to say, Shani Oates. Under the circumstances I do not think there can be any doubt who CJ is. To quote again: "As the Gardnerian high priestess who had the honour of bringing the present magister of the Clan of Tubal Cain into the Gardnerian Craft… (this quote to identify her clearly)…the present magister, a man of extraordinary humility and quiet depth, who welcomed me into his family in turn."

It should be apparent that CJ could only be brought into the Clan if the magister had already been made magister and that could only be done by the Maid who in turn would have to have been installed by Evan John Jones. Thus it is quite clear that the evidence presented by this letter directly contradicts Carol Jones' current claims.

I can only conclude that from this evidence the whole of the claims made by Carol Jones and Blackthorn is a tissue of lies and malicious to boot as it was not only an attempt to create a spurious legitimacy for themselves, but to defame Shani Oates in the process. I make no claims against either the Finnans or Peter Paddon in this affair as I have no evidence on their knowledge or motives and must therefore make the assumption of innocence as should anybody else who does not have the facts."

I would like to point out that even if Jones and her henchmen were genuine; their tactics of accusing Shani Oates of betraying secrets were utterly wrong and stupid. Something that is supposed to be kept secret can not be defended by public pronouncements.  I'll make my point by two movie analogies.
The first is from Fightclub where the rules are given as:
"Rule One: you do not talk about Fightclub
Rule Two: you DO NOT talk about Fightclub"

The second example is from Monty Python's Life of Brian. In one scene a priest, played by John Cleese, is arranging the stoning of a man for the crime of blasphemy. He cries out "I only said Jehovah" and gets rocks chucked at him. In the ensuing conversation between him and the priest, the priest also says Jehovah and also gets stoned. The point of this example is that in attempting to paint Shani Oates as an oath breaker they gave examples of where they claimed secrets were given. In doing so, especially by quoting such passages, if indeed secrets had been given away, then they too would have betrayed the same secrets. In fact, for anybody who cares to read the original articles (see Shani Oates: The Three Rites on the Cauldron website: it is apparent that in fact Shani is indicating where she can go no further without speaking of what is held to be sub rosa.

A brief text by Magister Robin the Dart states:
"In light of the accompanying statement we formally suggest that all the silly, childish and damaging behaviour instigated by an expelled member of Clan Tubal Cain now cease." 
Robin the Dart - Magister of Clan Tubal Cain.

My own experience has shown Jones and her gang to be aggressive, unscrupulous and dishonest, happy to employ any number of mind games, intimidation and falsehood. They are petty crooks seeking power and masquerading as Clan leaders to gain it. They should be treated with contempt and given a wide berth.

Stuart Inman

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Professor Ronald Hutton

To Whom It May Concern

On 23 July 2008 Shani Oates visited me in Bristol, bringing with her five letters from
Mike Howard, dated between 2 August 1996 and 2 July 2008, and thirty-six letters from
Evan John Jones, dated between 23 August 1996 and 20 August 2003. As I
corresponded with both gentlemen within that same period, I can verify that the
correspondence concerned was written on their usual typewriters and bears their true

From these documents, I can verify the following pieces of information:

1.That Shani Oates was introduced to Evan John Jones (known to his friends as John) by
Mike Howard, in August 1996, having no other means of contact with him.

2.That by early 1998, John was expecting that the Clan of Tubal Cain, which he led,
would perish with him, and that he was expecting its regalia to be destroyed on his death
along with its identity as a group.

3.That he decided in the course of the spring and summer of 1998 that Shani was the
ideal person to carry on his tradition, and therefore on 26 September of that year he
ceremonially invested her with the office of Maid or Lady of the Clan. His letters make
quite explicit that this office was the one which held supreme and undivided authority
over the whole Clan, and that after Shani's investiture with it he himself looked to her as
its leader.

4.That John then left it to Shani to form a working group to carry on the Clan's tradition,
which she swiftly did. He did not meet any other members of this group until its May's
Eve celebration in 1999, which he attended as an honoured guest and at which he
formally handed over the regalia of the Clan to Shani.



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